The topics for the chats will come very soon to Google Allo-and now you can see them!

temas-chats-google-alloeven Though you may not have started with very good foot, and the acceptance on the part of the users is far from being what Google intended in the beginning, the big G continue with its efforts of improve Google Allo and carry this application to fight with the larger of the instant messaging.

few days Ago, I we reported on the arrival of Ggoole Allo 2.0. An update that, although not had too many improvements to simple view, yes that seems to to include several new features in its interior that have gone unnoticed in the face of the users.

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And is that just as we are told from 9to5Google, the app will be updated again very soon, to give support to new themes and customization methods for the chats. Some of them have already been able to see, and you the below.

These are the new themes for Google Allo

temas-google-allo-4As we see with the arrival of Allo 2.0, the application would have received a new functionality that we are not allowed to activate chats monochrome, something that may not have much sense today, but that will be a greater importance once the subjects have reached the application.

Among the topics that we will encounter, we see some with names like Moon, Clouds, Dark or Watermelon, which give us some tracks that we are going to offer. In addition, as we see in the screenshots provided, the topics will be individual, and we will be able to choose a customization different for each of the chats.

eleccion-temas-google-alloTo choose a theme, we’re going to have the option to select it just before you start a conversation, although we’re going to be able to change the theme whenever you want directly from within the window of chat.

For now, yes, the choice of topics is not available for all the world, and everything seems to indicate that it will not come with an update, but that will have to be Google who enable this feature. In the meantime, as always, we will remain attentive to the developments of Google Allo that could come in the next few days. Below is a gallery from which you can see the topics that will be included in Google Allo.

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