The top 5 MMORPG games for Android that you must try now

Dungeon Hunter 5

When summer arrives, it is ideal for currently cover those dead hours where heat outside is unbearable to unleash entertainment with our smartphone and tablets. seek the best games of the genre MMORPG RPGs do enjoy all based on improvements and evolution of the characters, and action, too much action and adventure. I teach the five games that will make you enjoy this category from the same calling. Let them!

Order & Chaos Online

started by the main course . One of those titles that most gamers, even those who only occasionally have tiptoed past the games category, certainly known. One such sagadas that is and will continue taking much based give good hours of entertainment.

Online, building character, a huge world to discover and adventure and action . 4 keys that can not miss in an RPG that is postulated to be one of the leaders in Android or any mobile platform and Order & Chaos Online includes optimally.

Order-Chaos-Android elves, humans, orcs or undead … the variety to choose from and the enemies they fight are very diverse. The online community be the pillar to give that touch of social entertainment that lacks a game alone. A game that you have to download right now and, at least, give a chance against other rivals.

A title Free that will offer hours of diving with our beloved character waxing enemies. You will be able download from the QR code right on the left side and from the download button that stopped just below


Dungeon Hunter 5

Another classic that should not miss in your Android device. More cane than the first, but also with a significant sum in terms of improved skills, spells and different combos of attacks that can develop as we get down to our opponents.

Dungeon-Hunter-5-Android The online mode can not miss in our “Best games” MMORPG, without doubt. We will have a cooperative mode where we can invite our friends to assist us in our wanderings. Armor, swords and clothing will make an appearance important.

Completely free and available for Android , you can download from the QR code right in the left side and from the download button that stopped just below.

Dungeon Hunter 6 FREE DOWNLOAD

Legion Of Heroes

A title with great 3D world to discover , where we can arm ourselves with a multitude of characters and companions as we go avanzandos and give a very interesting dynamic title. Espadazos, shooting, arrows and many spells available.

Our mission? Create a combination of fighters arming ourselves with the strength to go tearing down our enemies with more than 100 heroes available to the player. We can play even against other Players in games of up to 45 vs 45, get bored with this title. Fully available free Google Play Store for Android

Legion of Heroes FREE DOWNLOAD

Arcane Legends

MMORPG pure. Arcane Legengs plunges us into the skin of different inseparable characters attached to their pets and wild animals to help us explore a vast 3D world.

Arcane Legends

The characteristic of his characters, we can also create Order & Chaos as though with a lower level of depth , the variety of pets at our disposal and the ability to play online will give us a sum of valuable to fully hooked to this title RPG qualities. Again, totally free and available in Play Store with Free to Play format.

Arcane Legends DOWNLOAD FREE

Dark Legends

The interesting thing about Dark Legends is the changing role of the character compared to the other title we’ve seen. While the server always opts for the classic characters of knights and medieval times, power get into the skin of a vampire with super speed and a good variety of weapons to destroy vile demonesses is something that strikes attention, no doubt.

Dark Legends

Can we be unlocked powers as immortal creature that we , hundreds of weapons and items that help us make easier the carnage and play individually and online mode whenever we please. Another title worth trying. Free for Android from Google Play Store in Free to Play format.


As you can see, pass the heat or bad weather during these months off to lucky readers I must say, it will not be an ordeal thanks to these great titles for mobile RPG universe.

And you, which one would you stay?

And you do you think? Head over to The 5 best MMORPGs games for Android that you must try now to make your mark.

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