The time of Apple is over and not just us saying so

Many people believe that the world of technology works always the same, that the companies that stand out are every year the same and it is certain that they are wrong and much. The technology is one of those markets in which a brand is up there can be the following year, very down after a strategic decision, badly executed, or a failure to adapt to the new needs of the users.

Apple has been a leader in the field of smartphones for a long time, it is true, we’re not going to deny that. In fact Apple has been one of the best things that has happened to Android and why Android is what it is today. Yes, despite the fact that the success of Android has nothing to do with Apple, yes, it is true that in a first moment was inspired by them to create what we know today by Android and that in its seventh version, with the name of Nougat, has reached a maturity impressive.

Peter Thiel

Apple is finished and he is not going to innovate more

is Not a phrase that has come out of our mouth, though more than once we have thought of. This time we will endorse our claim with the testimony of Peter Thiel, one of the co-founders of PayPal, a member of the executive board of Facebook and an investor of high-risk.

Peter Thiel is one of the richest men in Silicon Valley and in an interview with the New York Times has confirmed what you are going to listen, Apple is dead and is not going to innovate more, your answer is very good:

“What I can confirm. We know how is a smartphone and what it is that makes. It is not the fault of Tim Cook, but it is not an area in which there will be more innovation” — Peter Thiel to NYT.

The statement is very wise, but you only have to look to 2016 where Apple has not been able to innovate with the iPhone 7, and where he expects an uncertain future with the future iPhone 8 will have to put all the meat on the grill. The iPhone 7 has eliminated the 3.5 mm jack, for doing something, and it has launched one of the headphones most expensive in the market, the AirPods.


in Addition to that has gone through “the rock” and has adapted his iPhone to the water resistance that will not cover the warranty or damage due to moisture, like other brands. Now Apple wants a curved panel or a screen without frames in the style of Samsung and Xiaomi but that is not innovation, that is just copy to those that really are innovating today.

unless Apple give with the formula, which is not what we believe, the iPhone will go down hill and soon it will be reached by devices of other companies. Sorry fanboys of Apple, not what we say, says one of the men who knows of it but us what we corroborated after analysis of all their movements…

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