The security update of November comes to Nexus 6

Actualización de seguridad de noviembre llega a Nexus 6

The new security patch November for Nexus 6 as we have just received, what improvements? For now little we can see, except that it has been pulled as a 15-20 minutes updating, so we hope that with time something notice.

Remember that these updates are to patch mode integrated improvements below, basically, correct errors and make the system flow better. The security update of November comes to Nexus 6, we extend:

The security update of November comes to Nexus 6

parche seguridad de noviembre llega a Nexus 6

More or less to that of the 22:00 hours yesterday (what we see in the screenshot above) we came to the security update of November for the Nexus 6.

weight is around 4 MB, so that we can download it without problems and fast, regardless of our connection. Yes, the installation time is a long time, about 20 minutes approximately, so that it is clear that something has been falling below.

Recommendation: if you have a Nexus 6 (also applies to Nexus 5), you can invoke the security patch from Settings > about phone > system Updates. If you do not seem any new update, you can restart to see if it works out, sometimes it works.

we can Also check if you have the patch installed inside of phone Information > patch Level of Android security. As we told you in an article how this works, to see what level of security patch we find.

what’s New in the patch of November?

we have Not noticed no change at all, not even that works better with the terminal. What is certain is that it is still early, because he has not spent even a day, so we will update if something happens important, you need to highlight. We’ll see what happens along these days, because I should not give you problems, just integrate better.

have You updated since the patch of November security? it shouldn’t take you! Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments if you have any questions or problems with the patch, we will help you.

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