The scooter of Xiaomi has left a tough competitor, do you know what the Kugoo S1?

The scooter of Xiaomi has become in all a reference of the scooters electrical but some brands such as Kugoo come hitting very strong. The Kugoo S1 not only is a great solution, but in addition offers some things that the M365 does not have.

the best of Kugoo S1 are not the extras like the suspension, wheels that are not punctured, or their great OLED screen, but you can also get it for less than 300€ with shipping from Europe thanks to the store Geekbuying.

¿How is the Kugoo S1?

This scooter can be perfect for those looking to move around town quickly and clean. In addition, it has a range of to 40 km and offers a maximum speed of 30 km/h, which is superior to that of the famous scooter Xiaomi.

however, the biggest difference between the two products can be found in large OLED screen of the Kugoo S1 that offers us all the data of the scooter (speed, battery, etc). While Xiaomi have to look at the app.

Here are some of the highlights of this scooter:

  • Motor 350W instead of 250W, which has the M365.
  • Autonomy up to 40 km and a charge that is completed in only 4 hours.
  • Loads people up to 120 kg and can be adapted in height, something that many others don’t offer.
  • lights in front and behind.
  • Mounted brakes of high quality.
  • 3 different colors: blue, white, and black.
  • The wheels are not stuck, offering a durability very good.

you Can explore the city on their 3 speed modes (15 km/h, 25 km/h to 30 km/h). To make it more comfortable offer suspension in both wheels, brakes front and back and can be folded completely.

To see the difference with the more famous here you have a table comparativa:

Xiaomi M365
maximum Speed 30 km/h 25 km/h
Autonomy and load Up to 40 km – 4 hours of load Up to 30 km – 5 hour charge
maximum Weight 120 kg 100 kg
Type of tyre Not carrying a camera, not a click conventional Tire
Resistance agua IP54 IP54
Strength and motor Motor 350W with 13,3 N/M Motor 250W with 16 N/M
Screen and app OLED Display with all the information and without app extra. Not carrying a display (just LEDs to indicate the battery), you see the data in the app.
Adjustable You can adjust the height to 93, 100 and 116 centimeters. Non-adjustable in height.
Weight 11 kg 12,5 kg
Precio 295€ 399€

¿How to get this scooter?

If you want yours you should know that you can get with free shipping from Europe. Forget about problems with customs or delays when buying in China. In less than a week what you have in the house. And best of all is that thanks to Geekbuying, we have achieved an exclusive offer for you.

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