The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ come with screen protector included

Samsung has announced that will a screen protector with the purchase of the Galaxy S10 and S10+. This information is given due to the doubts that are generated by if the screen protectors were going to influence them in the performance of the fingerprint reader that comes under the mobile screen.

The younger brother of the family, the Galaxy s10e netbook will not feature this benefit. This is because the fingerprint reader this device is located on the side.

How will be the performance of the fingerprint reader with a screen protector?

galaxy s10

Samsung has explained that the screen saver will come included in the Galaxy S10 and S10+ not affect the performance of the fingerprint reader. In addition, he said that users will have 90 days of warranty.

Also explained that you can buy it for $ 20 in such a case that you break, crack, or simply want to change it.

The giant south Korean takes a step forward and gives the saver the most important feature of its new flagship, the screen. This is a great news that the the users are looking for always taking care of their phones.

however, since Androidphoria we believe that it would also be interesting if the own Samsung will design and launch of the market a few covers for Galaxy S10, S10+ and s10e netbook.

Source | Android Central

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