The Samsung Galaxy Note7 still in use are more than the OnePlus 3T, LG V20 and HTC Bolt together

Análisis del Samsung Galaxy Note7 : características, especificaciones, precio y opiniones

despite the numerous explosions of the Samsung Galaxy Note7, its users are still resisting to leave the flagship terminal. Not change it for nothing and neither Samsung nor the phone companies will force them to change their mind. So much so that there are more units active right now of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 that active units of the OnePlus 3T, LG V20 and HTC Bolt together.

None of these three phones, with which we compare the Note7 is precisely unpopular. And is that all, including the OnePlus 3T, are terminals premium and released in the latter half of this year. It is true that the sales volume of Samsung is higher than that of these brands, but it still seems almost impossible that Note7 assets still to this day continue to be so many, when it is estimated that 90% of them have been returned.

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This implies several things: or Samsung did very well with the Galaxy Note7 despite the fatal disaster, or the other brands are doing it very wrong.


we remind You, as is the current situation with the Samsung Galaxy Note7: Samsung has limited the battery to 30% and are considering the possibility of lowering the use up to 15%, which would imply that you just will be able to use the terminal without being connected to the outlet, that is precisely what you want the company in the event that people will stay with the terminal committing a serious imprudence.

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on the other hand, in some countries such as New Zealand, Canada, and Australia have turned off the functions of Wifi and data. Each country is taking its own measures to prevent the use of these smartphones that still remain, living is so high. Limiting the use of the phone waiting to get returned. The problem perhaps is that Samsung does not agree, and each country makes some restrictions different.

AndroidAuthority | Galaxy Note 7 reportedly still being used more than LG V20, HTC Bolt and OnePlus 3T

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