The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are torching houses and cars


Samsung was doing well, everything ended when the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 began to explode and worst of all is that Samsung will have to change them due to a problem in series with your battery. Samsung has launched a replacement program for all the Galaxy Note 7 and the truth is that you will need to do it fast but want to continue with a scandal so great.

Now, as users do not renounce to use the phone, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are causing awesome news in the headlines all over the world and that is the explosion of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not only dangerous but can also get to burn houses or cars.

Note 7 explota

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 manages to burn a car and a house

For Samsung all had gone well and now it has been complicated, a failure in the battery of the Note 7 that are being replaced has made the users of the company begin to threaten.

Samsung not only allows you to change Note 7 for a similar but also allows you to change it for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, which, in principle, has not given many problems, and are more reliable than the new ones.

Samsung acts fast but the problems remain

Samsung has made the things very fast and in fact the replacement program is working the entire train. Now, when the action was taken because they were going 35 explosions of Note 7 that we know of and two of the last cases that we know of spoke of a fire that had burned from a house to a car.

A man, when he came to the school to pick up their children, he found the firefighters putting out the flames of your garage. Another of the victims was carrying your Galaxy Note 7 in the dashboard and while he and his family unloaded the vehicle, upon return, were in flames, and the airbags did the rest of the work, increased the intensity of the flames.

Many users do not know that your Note 7 can exploit and in fact Samsung is going to disable all that need to be replaced, if a user is not delivered could have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 unusable.

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