The results of the second quarter of HTC are already here … and are not good

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There was a time when HTC was one of the largest manufacturers in the world , but that was done too. The company has continued to fight their difficulties from a few years ago, and hoped to regain some ground with the 2015 presentation of three new models: The flagship [1.99901 million] HTC One M9 – of that long ago that we have a completo- analysis and upgraded version HTC One M9 +.

However, as you can imagine from the title of the article was not the year of recovery HTC. And spent several years struggling to make a profit, and the truth is that since the collapse was coming. Taiwan had cut costs to get back on track , but apparently those efforts have been inadequate.

The Taiwanese manufacturer has published Final results for the second quarter year. HTC has had income worth 1.076 billion dollars during this period, and managed to cover the minimum target set by the company.

As for his financial targets for the second quarter Taiwanese had marked some 1,160 million for this period of the year. Keep in mind that pre-tax losses of about $ 256 million was calculated, and finally losses after taxes amounted to about 259 million. Total losses of HTC in this period come to $ 313 million which, as we discussed earlier, the company had expected .

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As mentioned at the beginning of the article, HTC has announced a good amount of high-end devices this year 2015. In addition to the already mentioned HTC One M9 and HTC One M9 +, these must be added HTC One E9 +, HTC and HTC Butterfly One ME. With this in mind, the company is working on a device that is now known as HTC Aero , incorporating a new camera technology and should be, somehow, El Salvador of the company.

Regarding the Aero HTC, it is expected to see the light in November this year , which means that we will surely see a few leaks prior to arrival to markets. In any case, for now can only speculate about this new device. For our part we will give more information about it as we have it.

The truth is that HTC needs to present something really special carefully improve your marketing strategy and even more carefully choose the markets they want to succeed. No, it is not yet too late to HTC, but it is not the first time commented that company needs changes so compelling. And it has to be soon.

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