The Redmi Note 7 is exhausted in less than 30 minutes in Spain

the launch of The Redmi Note 7 in Spain at a price lower than that which has appeared in China it was quite a novelty. Finally, from Spain, could get the mid-range of the signature cheapest through other stores and that has been seen in his debut.

Xiaomi has had to hang the sign “sold out” in less than 30 minutes from making the sale. The units have been flown and at the counter of AliExpress, we can see that they have sold around 2000 units.

Redmi Note 7 se agota en España

¿why the Redmi Note 7 sells so fast?

it was No wonder that this phone is sold quickly. It is clear that the brand has launched a phone very full at a price breaker.

For 149€ no rival gives you more and less with the characteristics of this Redmi Note 7. Stand out above all your chamber 48 MP and his great battery-4000 mAh. But it will not be the only opportunity you have to get your hands on one. Here you can see the review of the Redmi Note 7 to the full.

When you’ll be able to get another Redmi Note for 149€?

next, march 18, at 13.00 (Spanish time), you’ll be able to get a limited amount of Redmi Note 7 for 149€. Currently you can’t buy from the website of Xiaomi or AliExpress but soon will be available again.

If you want to get with it, record the date in the calendar and enter from this link. Here you’ll be able to get a Redmi Note 7 for 149€, but only on the 18th of march at 13.00. good Luck!

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