The real things that you can do with a wearable (right now)

¿do you Know or think you know what you can do with a smartwatch currently? Today I want to talk to you about the real things that you can do with a wearable. I I have several smartwatches and smartband, I can tell you that you can and that you’re not going to be able to do with one of these devices. What is certain, is that if you like technology, no waste. I wouldn’t trade them for anything! It is clear that cost a money, but like everything. There are those who spend 200 or 400 euros on an expensive watch brand, well for that money you buy a smartwatch!


The real things that you can do with a wearable: smartwatch or smartband

From being pegándote a shower while watching the WhatsApps you get up to be taking a nap and you vibrate the bracelet or watch to wake you up, this is just a crumb of what you can do with these devices. These smart devices make life easier. Not so are essential, because the truth is that we could do without 80% of things that we buy and we have for the house. But they are no less important!

These are some of the uses of the smartband (usually).

  • Receive notifications.
  • to Know the number of steps you take per day.
  • alarms.
  • to Know the time.
  • Take control of the dream.
  • to Measure the pulse (the permit).
  • Swimming in the pool (with some).

Obviously, not all of the smartband have the same capabilities. The cheaper ones do not have a screen nor measure the pulse rate. Take a good look at what you need before you checkout. Usually, for 20 euros you already have something decent as My Band 2.

These are some of the uses of smartwatches (usually).

  • Browse the Internet from the clock (if you have Wifi).
  • Responding to messages from the watch with the keyboard or by voice.
  • Receive notifications.
  • to Play games.
  • Read emails.
  • to Know the time.
  • alarms.
  • to Know the steps.
  • to Measure the pulse (the permit).
  • to Know if someone calls you on the phone.

And something very important that allows you to a smartwatch, is that is always combinable (if you change the watchface). You will not have to walk followed buying watches or changing it daily, because with this smart watch, you’ll have for at least 2 years, then you might even sell it.

These are the best smartwatches of 2017 that I’ll recommend to buy. I have the Moto 360 2 and I am delighted. I also have the Moto Sport that also use it for sport. The strap is very comfortable, don’t notice or you’re wearing it! The good thing about the smartwatches of rubber strap is that they are incredibly comfortable. The leather straps are cortean more (keep this in mind).

how To use the smartwatch?

Mainly to be aware of notifications. You can be a shower or sleeping, and reading a WhatsApp that you’ve just received. And you avoid having the mobile with them all the time. Even if you stay with something, if you get something very important to what you see with a simple twist of the wrist… without having to take the phone all the time.

When you get used to answer e-mails, SMS or WhatsApp from the watch is comfortable. This you can do by voice or by writing, even if it is sending a rapid response as you can be an emoji. It is quite fun. And at the beginning you are going to take quite the liking because up to you will feel important.

why use the smartband?

especially for to measure steps and calories burnt in the day-to-day. The use for jogging or practicing any activity. When I want to be aware of this information but I don’t want to wear the watch. Also to sleep and measure sleep quality.

meizu smartband

does The battery is a problem?

At all. I charge it every night next to the mobile. If you don’t have notifications enabled all the day, nor the brightness to the maximum, you can last a day and a half usually smartwatch. But it is best that you upload all the nights. In contrast, bracelets smart last for about 15 days. You will forget you completely load them… but you’ll be able to keep track of the battery level from the own bracelet or app. Don’t worry, I put everything on the tray.

of course, it is not essential, but it is great for a fan of the technology. Do you have one of these devices? What uses you give him?

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