The purple flower: New reaction from Facebook

For that you use Facebook frequently, this week you may have noticed the presence of something different. The social network has been introducing various improvements in the last few days, but there is one that has called the attention of many users. It has also created many questions. It is likely that you are also one of the many who question the same thing. What is the meaning of the new purple flower of Facebook?

In the reactions to the news, or the member of Facebook has come a flower of a purple color that has attracted the attention of many users. The social network not only has been introduced without notice, but many users are unaware of its meaning. do you Want to know?

Facebook celebrates mother’s day

Morning may 7 is the Day of the Mother in many countries of the world, including Spain. You are already taking in buy a gift are your mothers, and it will not be because I do not give ideas. Returning to the topic, tomorrow is a very marked, and Facebook has wanted to celebrate it. For that reason we introduce this new flower color purple. And the flower also have a meaning: Thank you!

With this small gesture Facebook looks to its users to show gratitude to their mothers. Everything indicates that it is a reaction that once you go through the Day of the Mother will disappear completely. Although, there are already groups of users that have started requests to make him stay and is a reaction to standing in the social network. We doubt they are going to have much success, because Facebook tends to delete immediately this type of temporary reactions. What they did with Halloween the past year.

If you want celebrate Mother’s Day with this new reaction, it is possible to. But better hurry, because it will eliminate the next week. Have you used the purple flower on Facebook? What do you think this type of action on the part of the social network?

Source | Time

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