The price of the different models of Nexus 6P filtered in several countries

Google Nexus 6P

There are few minutes to start the event in which Google finally officially present the new Google Nexus and Google Nexus 5X 6P signed by LG and Huawei, and continues to reach us information about various developments that the Mountain View will present shortly. Google Pixel C, a 10.2-inch tablet, could be one of these leaks last minute that we would finally appear in the conference, along with many other new features like the new version of Google Chromecast and obviously also Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Above all and undoubtedly seems that today will be key to the Nexus one day, terminals which yesterday we learned something about some of the countries that would be available to book and price to depart from US $ 499 in the case. Now several websites has appeared information concerning the price of the most powerful version in different countries, and different versions depending on storage capacity.

Precios nexus 6p

As we can see in fact the 6P Nexus 32GB version will cost $ 499 in the US, and 449 pounds in the UK. Although it has not yet mentioned the price in our country, in the comparative table we see both France and Germany will be 649 euros for the 32 GB , 50 euros for the 64 GB finally to have 128GB of storage would have to go up to 799 euros.

If prices were certain would eventually below models presented at Cupertino in their past keynote , the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus 6s that come in late September, and could be on par with the next terminal that Microsoft presented next October 6 (if the rumors surrounding these are true), the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, which would be the first to arrive with Windows 10 Mobile, the new version of mobile operating system from Redmond.

And you do you think? Head over to the price of the different models of Nexus 6P in several countries to leave your footprint is filtered.

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