The price and the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 already know

The latest rumors leave us a release date and price for the Galaxy S8 qeu point to official and final. It is clear that all eyes are on the Samsung flagship, so if you want to know at what price and when you can buy it, don’t miss this that we tell you.

During these last few weeks we have been counting all of the Galaxy S8 in terms of features. But today we have data about its price and launch that you can’t lose.


Galaxy S8: Price and launch

What we know of the price and launch of the Galaxy S8? The latest rumors point out that the Galaxy S8 will be available in the U.S. since the 21 of April 2017. What we don’t know, is if the launch is going to be unique to the united States or whether it will be for sale in other countries of the world since that day. If this eventually is confirmed, you could buy the Galaxy S8 on April 21 online at major retailers, although it is possible that we can reserve some time in advance (typically), and receive it when it was available at all.

what the price of The Galaxy S8 would be elevated or adjusted?

we Know that the price of the Galaxy S8 will be high. This terminal is not going to be anything cheap. Is more, the top model of 5.8 inches could reach 799 euros. While the Galaxy S8 6.2 inches, I would go to the 899 euros. This is the latest that we know on the prices.

These prices are high, but if compared with the Pixel, are quite good. Are terminals of high range, and all the years cost the same or rise a little. But if you have your Galaxy S6 or S7, you will be able to sell it and buy the new, the difference is high but it sure does not matter to you, and in return you have the latest in technology and performance.

What we can say if you keep these prices of 799 and 899 euros, is that the Galaxy S8 exceeds 100 euros, the price of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. But given what we have today, are reasonable prices.

What do you expect from this new terminal? Are you going to buy?

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