The president of Sony Mobile denies rumors of sale of the division

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Makes about one week Sony announced its plans to bring back the company’s profitability in the coming years. Much of this report had to do with the mobile division section of the manufacturer that has seen a significant decline in recent times. Worryingly for Sony Mobile came when, in reducing costs as a priority, the possibility of considering associations and even other product lines were mentioned.

The CEO of Sony, Kazuo Hirai, and said last January that without drastic reforms mobile divisions and the Japanese giant TVs would be in red numbers in three years . Maybe we should not have to take his views as a formal declaration of intent, and this does not mean that there are different views on this within Sony.

However, it now appears that rumors of possible sale of the mobile division of Sony are just that, rumors. The president of the mobile division of Sony, Hiroki Totoki, has denied rumors regarding the sale, seeking alliances with other companies or merging with other manufacturers.

However, although rumors have now been completely denied, Totoki also admitted that the cast of Sony mobile phones is too diverse and necessary redesign . He also mentioned that because users now take longer to switch phones, Sony will also start spaced in time launches its products.

The latter leads to one of the great absent from MWC 2015 is the Sony Xperia Z4, which will fulfill what was spoken by Totoki and will later within an annual cycle , and not in a cycle of about six months as they had been doing until now. Another company like Samsung, returns to the fray and hope to succeed.

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