The personal assistant of Facebook will be integrated into the notifications

Nuevas notificaciones Facebook

Facebook is doing enhancements and changes that all the users we will notice in a matter of days and is that after testing the new reactions in several countries of the planet (including some of Latin america) now comes the turn to slightly change the notifications.

people use Facebook to keep up to date of what happens to their friends, family, etc, but it seems that now that is not enough and might be interesting to add important information users also want to get to know and be able to see directly from the application, information such as the following.

Facebook integrates a personal assistant in the notifications

  • Events of friends – Birthday, events mentioned, etc
  • Results of sporting events, reminders of television on the basis of the pages that you like.
  • Events that you are going to attend.
  • Information relating to your location, in the event that you decide to share your location with Facebook the app will reveal some things that are happening around you:
    • News or local events of great importance.
    • weather Updates as well as alerts, weather and current conditions.
    • Movies that you can watch closely.
    • Places on where to eat and more things.

There are that say that these changes will not be mandatory, the user can decide if these cards are displayed or not, and be able to configure also which ones will and which ones are not, because this new way of reporting things reminds us very much of the alternative personnel of Google, Google Now. In case that you need more cards also may be added or deleted, everything will be very customizable and tailored to the user (the same thing that a personal assistant wants to offer).

These new options at the moment are not available to all users and they will begin to a gradual the users of Facebook for Android and iPhone in the united States, once it is approved or not you may extend this feature to the users of hispanic speech.

Facebook is putting the carpet on Facebook M

Facebook M is the assistant bionic of Facebook a wizard that everyone thought that would be integrated in Messenger, and, even though we may think of the new notifications that come to replace it, will not. Facebook makes users accustomed to using the personal assistant, and in this way Facebook M will not be a change so abrupt, it is all thinking and the strategy is not really bad but will have to see how dominant are the new notifications of Facebook.

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