The notch: the best thing that has happened to the mobile

When Apple introduced there by 2017 the iPhone X all of us we take the hands to the head Of fact, here you can see how I was one of them. A notch, what a horror! however, a year and a half after my opinion on the notch has been changed in a radical way. I see it now as something fundamental, one of the most important advances of recent years in the technology. But, what is behind a change of mind so radical?

personal Opinion of the notch: why was it necessary?

Before you suffer a spontaneous combustion by what you just read, let me clarify. And it is that I’m still hating the notch to death. It is a little less than my sworn enemy. So, how can you say that is the best thing that has happened to the mobile in the last few years?

Well easy, it can all be summed up in two words: necessary evil. The notch is a necessary evil for something bigger. And is that let’s take a look at the technology before the appearance of the iPhone X: mobile is increasingly big, brands that they did not know how to pass to a format that’s “all screen” and the situation did not improve. If there was anyone that could save them from the burning, those were the guys from Samsung. However, the rest of the marks were still succumbing to a few bezels increasing growing up panels. Our pockets were going to stop giving.

thanks to the notch we have mobile phones such as the oppo find x

At that time, talk of a screen to “full screen”, as we see on phones like the Oppo Find X was a bit of a utopia. The brands were trying to do, but the technology was still too green. And that is, without a doubt, the development of panels with a notch has helped greatly to get the panels cover the whole front. We could say that thanks to the notch we now have the mobile all screen”

There lies the potential of notch. is Not useful, not practical, since then it is not aesthetic, but it has been crucial to fostering innovation in the industry. And is that without notch brands do not put so much effort in to remove it from their designs and would have been delayed greatly the arrival of the “all screen”. Who knows, maybe now the OnePlus 6T would still have the mark of the OnePlus 5. All this is thanks to a decision that in his day criticized as the most.

Tell us, do you think the notch has been a necessary evil? How do you think that would be the overview of the current technology if the iPhone X would not have become fashionable this notch?

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