The new Nexus 6P Huawei and Google’s official, all the features and price

Nexus 6P oficial

Along with his younger brother, the Nexus 6P has been in recent weeks a reference in what refers to rumors. It happens to the great Nexus 6 is not exactly easy, but the acceptance of the latter did not quite convince terminal for a reason, its price.

Today, Google has finally presented the new Nexus 6P, a terminal, phablet that expected to be a reference in the new wave of handsets with Android 6.0 Marshamallow . We know all its features:

Features and technical specifications


Nexus 6P
Dimensions 159.4 x 77.8 x 7.7mm
Weight 178 grams
Screen 5.7 “AMOLED Gorilla Glass 4 WQHD
Pixel Density 518 dpi
Processor Snapdragon 810 V2.1
Operating System Marshmallow Android 6.0
Storage 32/64 / 128GB
Cameras Sony 12.3 megapixel f / 2.0 4K and 8 megapixel
Battery 3,450 mAh
Other fingerprint sensor, USB Type-C, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS

screen, dimensions and materials

The main attraction of this new Nexus 6P front of his little brother is its size. A 5.7-inch screen with resolution WQHD who wants to delight all users who have ever been dazzled by the vast amount of content that can be played on this size.

But to hold these screen dimensions, it is also necessary to have a body, a chassis, higher than the rest. However, Huawei has accustomed us to make real masterpieces even at high levels of screen, as shown in the Huawei Ascend M7. In this case, we find that the new Nexus 6P has a weight of 178 grams and a thickness of 7.7 mm dimensions of 159.4 x 77.8 x 7.7mm very successful in this regard.

And talk about materials, materials blessed. The Nexus 6 had a metallic finish on its side edge, but both the front and rear base had plastic material. Google and Huawei draw chest with Nexus 6P claiming this is the first Nexus in having a completely metallic body , which should result in a sense more “premium” than in previous installments. Also come in four colors ranging from white, black, aluminum and gold .

cameras, speakers, and fingerprint sensor USB Type-C

The multimedia section is today vital to many users, beds megapixel still growing, but also as far brighter scenes, more sharpness and better dynamic range. The camera that Huawei and Google have built on the back has a sensor 12.3 megapixels with a maximum aperture of f / 2.0, double flash and, to our dismay, without an image stabilizer. If it is true, the amplitude of the pixels is more similar to that of Ultra Pixel we met with HTC that standard, so that we can get more light in low light conditions. For your front will have a 8 megapixel camera .

Another added of this new generation of Nexus is your built into the back of the terminal fingerprint sensor. We have seen other terminals using this sensor as the Mate range of Huawei, although it seems more routine is to see on the front. Google has integrated payment on Google Play Fingerprint in its latest update, it seems that its use will be more regular than an average user can expect.

Nexus 6p trasera

We will also have two front speakers like the Nexus 6 original, which tends to greatly enhance the multimedia experience with our terminals.

Finally, the latest technology here wireless charging and data transfer, USB Type-C , a standard that now is becoming the new standard and which can load both our mobile and new computers and tablets that are incorporating this port. Besides the file transfer will be faster than before, so that is an added and very positive development in the day.

Marshmallow Android 6.0 and Snapdragon 810 v2.1

How could it be otherwise, the new 2015 Google Nexus come with the intention to prove how well they can go Marshmallow Android 6.0 on a device. Reference terminals, as usually from the output of the first Nexus, are often the most fluid terminals on the market .


Recall that among the features that come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, we find a series of new features designed especially for for an average user to an entire user “pro” or advanced . Manage application permissions, consumption of RAM some adjustments as the default links or the new features of Google Now on Tap are some of these more interesting news and that will make the most of the resources of our device.

The processor incorporates this new Nexus 6P is the Snapdragon 810 although version 2.1 , ie, a review of the processor that has been key to the high-end of last year but the company said Qualcomm has managed to reduce if not eliminate the imbalance suffered heat that this chip. This together with 3GB of RAM should be more than enough to have the best experience with Android Google’s hand.

price and release date

section that may tilt the balance towards the purchase is price . The Nexus 6 was heavily criticized for having left the margins that Google had established in previous years with Nexus “affordable”, but it seems that from Mountain View do not want to deviate from this new path.

Precios nexus 6p

This may reserve 6P Nexus from Google Store today in countries like the US, UK, Ireland, Canada and Japan for a price that ranges from $ 499 32GB version for countries like USA or 649 euros for countries like France . A price again leave us in a high cost but we appreciate once analyzed the terminal if it really worth the price mark. A priori it seems a great terminal, but as always, we hope to have it in his hands.

And you do you think? Head over to the new Nexus 6P Huawei and Google’s official, all the features and price to make your mark.

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