The new Motorola Moto E 4G seeks its place in the low end, what are your rivals?

Nuevo Motorola Moto E

Motorola has presented us this week the new Motorola Moto E, which come in 3G and 4G versions . This is the natural successor to the Motorola Moto E, we analyzed at the time, and that came last year to revolutionize the market for low-end, and as a good substitute, looking greatly improve what we see in the original model, for again be the team to beat when it comes to smartphones economic.

But other companies have also been stepping , and among them, we have Sony, which showed us his Sony Xperia E4G Also this week, a bq, which [has done likewise showing the new bq Aquaris M4.5, and Honor, the brand under which oficlamente Huawei sold in Europe, with Holly Honor.

No doubt we are facing one of the closest battles in store for us this 2015 , so without further know the secrets of each :

Motorola Moto E 4G bq Aquaris M 4.5
Dimensions 130 x 67 x 11.9 mm Unconfirmed
Weight 143 grams Unconfirmed
screen 4.5-inch IPS 4.5-inch IPS LCD
Resolution qHD 960 x 540 pixels HD 1280 x 720 pixels
Chipset 410 MSM8916 Qualcomm Snapdragon (quad-core, 64-bit) Mediatek MT6735 (quad-core, 64-bit)
RAM 1 GB Unconfirmed (1 GB?)
Operating System Android 5.0 Lollipop Android 5.0 Lollipop
Storage internal expandable via microSD 8 8/16 GB internal expandable via microSD
Cameras Rear 5MP and VGA front Rear 8MP with LED flash and 5 megapixel front
Connectivity Dual SIM, 4G LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 Micro-USB 2.0, 3.5mm Jack Dual SIM, 4G LTE, GPS, Wi -Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Micro-USB 2.0, 3.5mm Jack
Battery 2,390 mAh 2,400 mAh
Starting price About 129 euros Unconfirmed
Honor Holly Sony Xperia E4G
Dimensions 142.2 x 72.3 x 9.4 mm 133 x 71 x 10.8 mm
Weight 156 grams 135 grams
screen 5-inch IPS 4.7-inch IPS
Resolution HD 1280 x 720 pixels qHD 960 x 540 pixels
Chipset MediaTek MT6582 (quad-core, 32-bit) MediaTek MT6732 (quad-core, 64-bit)
Operating System Android 4.4.2 KitKat Android 4.4.4 KitKat
Storage 16 internal expandable via microSD Internal 8 GB expandable via microSD
Cameras Rear 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and front 2 megapixel Rear 5MP with LED flash and front 2 megapixel
Connectivity Dual SIM, 4G LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 Micro-USB 2.0, 3.5mm Jack Dual SIM, 4G LTE, GPS, Wi -Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, FM radio, Micro-USB 2.0, 3.5mm Jack
Battery 2,000 mAh 2,300 mAh
Starting price 139.99 euros 129 euros

As we can see, is very even terminal specifications, although each has its strengths and weaknesses.

bq Aquaris M4.5

Evidently, yet we could compare the four terminals when taking photographs, but at least on paper, the bq Aquaris M4.5 seems to take the lead in this area , with a configuration 8 megapixel flash led to the back camera and 5MP for the front. He approaches the Honor Holly, albeit with a front of only 2 megapixels, while the Sony Xperia E4G low to 5 megapixels in its principal, and the Motorola Moto E becomes forget the flash and only the front also has VGA quality.


also reaches HD resolution on your screen, only matched by the Honor Holly while the other two remain in qHD. Notably also the bq Aquaris M4.5 your chipset novelty of MediaTek, which by their specifications -4 core ARM Cortex-A53- should be at a level similar to Qualcomm Snapdragon 410. Furthermore, goes on sale Android Lollipop, although as negative note, will not go on sale until May while rivals have already done or are about to do, what can take its toll.

Honor Holly

The Holly Honor, which until yesterday was priced at 99 euros, as I had mentioned, and now stands at 139.99 euros, is at priori , the less attractive, as it somehow terminal. Especially for the chip which makes use also MediaTek, but quite outdated compared to its rivals, leaving the market for over a year and a half ago. However, the performance that delivers on most terminals ride it is positive, although have to see how he deals with in this case with resolution HD , moreover, one of the strengths of this Holly Honor.

Honor Holly

Moreover, we can also highlight its photographic section, which as we said, is the most approaches the M4.5 Aquaris of bq also with an 8 megapixel camera with flash led , but we’ll see how it behaves when the truth. Moreover, it has the ability to lower the four battery, and features Android 4.4.2 KitKat, no news of any possible update to Android Lollipop yet. However, the worst may be the lack of support for LTE networks, precisely because of the use of that old SoC .

Sony Xperia E4G

The Sony Xperia E4G is practically a carbon copy of Sony Xperia E4 which became official a few weeks ago, with the exception of a smaller screen size, 4.7 inches instead of 5, and jump to a chip much more modern, MediaTek few months earlier we see in the bq Aquaris M4.5, but should provide similar performance, besides, of course, 4G connectivity.

Sony Xperia E4G

Llama focus its 2,300 mAh battery, which together with qHD resolution screen, can be translated into a range well above the models bq and Honor . Moreover, being a work of Sony, one would expect a little more effort in the photographic aspect, but as we have said, we can not yet judge the results.

How is the Motorola Moto E 4G over the competition?

No doubt that opponents said he will pretty difficult for the new Motorola Moto E. However, this has certain points in its favor that it can raise the throne of better low end of 2015. One It is logically the fact signed by Motorola , a company that has demonstrated guarantees in recent years, which ensures a durable support system upgrades over time.

Of course, the Motorola Moto E 4G has not the best screen, the best camera, but has other features that make it flashy, as its 2,390 mAh battery whose autonomy liken to that of the Sony Xperia E4G . Furthermore, it is the only one of the four who uses a chipset signed by Qualcomm , in particular the Snapdragon 410, a fact that for many is important when opting for one or the other .

Nuevo Motorola Moto E

Finally, we must not stop talking about the economic issue, a key factor in this type of devices. The Motorola Moto E 4G is the most economical with the Sony Xperia E4G, both with an official price of 129 euros . The Holly Honor, as mentioned, will be placed starting tomorrow in a slightly superior, 139.90 euros, and although bq still did not want to overtake that of pure bq Aquaris M4.5 and duration -strategy us afraid to be considerably higher than its rivals (as data, the bq Aquaris E4.5 out to the market 149,95 euros).

personally if the bq Aquaris M4.5 did not exceed the barrier of 150 euros, I would go for it . For maximum 30 euros more, you’d be buying a better screen and better camera repeat, on paper-that the vast majority of its rivals in this price range, and even possibly see something autonomy resentful, I think will suffice also. In addition, it will have Android Lollipop , which few can say in this range now.

However, if the price goes further, should analyze more closely the use we would give al smartphone and if the camera is not something we worry too much , then buy the new Motorola Moto E 4G.

And you, with which you stay?

And you do you think? Head over to The new Motorola Moto E 4G seeks its place in the low end, what are your rivals? to leave your mark.

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