The new Motorola Moto 360 appear in a Swedish store, their prices

[19459million] Motorola 360 2º gen

The Motorola Moto 360 was undoubtedly the best SmartWatch Android to date. A nice little extravagant design, and affordable price, were the causes of his tremendous success. Now, Motorola, wants to renovate one of its star products and as always happens in the world of technology, leaks are flying .

As we read in GSMArena, the size of the new watches from Motorola and its price, have appeared in a Swedish technology Store . As we can see, one is the size of its predecessor, 46.5 mm, while the other does not appear though their specifications may be smaller -.

The Motorola Motoo 360 second-generation and 46.5 mm size, which has a leather strap, is priced at about 3,800 SEK to change are about $ 460 and 400 euros . The other smaller and strap stainless steel model has a price of 2,900 crowns, 350 US dollars and 305 euros . States that will go on sale September 8 , precisely during the IFA this year.

Apparently, the new Motorola smart watches move away from competitive and attractive price of its predecessor , but keep in mind that technology in Sweden is much more expensive than in other European countries or in the US itself, so it is quite possible that the price be lowered.

Motorola 360 2º gen detalle

Anyway, the design of these new devices that are coming will not vary much from the old , with some improvement in the position of the keypad and a change in the catches on the belt-for misfortune the black stripe will have so little appreciated in the previous generation -.

The new watches will have a battery of 375 mAh to 270 mAh big clock and for the smaller, but only tests we do and how we use it during the day will be the leaders to see if This capacity is sufficient or not .

And you do you think? Head over to appear new Motorola Moto 360 in a Swedish store, their prices to make your mark.

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