The New iPad now available in Spain.

First Impressions


Even someone who is not put in this technology, as you may have noticed, if you’ve been through some of the shops and superstores in our country, that today is to sell the new iPad .

Yes, the third-generation tablet Apple is already available to the delight of millions of fans who have the Cupertino company. From early morning you could see long queues at the entrances of the main shops. And there is no doubt that the new iPad will also in Spain a huge bestseller. In fact we have no doubt that the world is going to repeat what happened in the US, where it has broken all records of iPad sold.


In a few days we provide an analysis of the new iPad, but I would we expect one thing: the new tablet love , which assuming of which was announced in Keynote, after screen . It’s amazing the quality of the same, resolution, sharpness that shows pictures and videos. A wonder that it can really tip the balance between all doubt if you will get the new iPad. A must see in person to notice the difference, verily, the iPad 2. Retina Display the best we will enjoy, at least for a time, on a mobile device. It shows, and much, which is manufactured by Samsung. We just need to run multimedia content or video games, to discover tremendous quality it offers.

Apple wanted to highlight the progress it also meant in terms of power new A5X quad-core processor . But in our first tests the reality is that performance difference if the iPad 2 is not so noticeable . It is also true that we have not been able to test with demanding applications and games that are specifically designed to harness the power of the new iPad. Surely when they start out games like Infinity Blade announced. Dungeons and Sky Gamblers may notice improvement in performance

The second addition of the new iPad, the camera iSight yes that has proven to be much better than the previous model. Personally I think that a tablet is not a device for taking pictures (not practical), but it can come in handy to record videos and test the benefits of iMovie .


In short, the new iPad will be the most successful tablet market (long). That said, my recommendation is that who already have the iPad 2, you do not deserve much Cambi o. True, the screen amazing, but beyond that, nor is there a significant difference. In fact may at first be confusing. If you do not already have a tablet or is someone who still hold out with the first iPad (completely applicable for most users), and you call the new iPad, do not think because you go find with incredible device and high quality.

Remember that the price of the new iPad starts at € 479 for the basic model 16GB memory and WiFi connection. If we choose the most advanced model with 64GB and 3G connectivity will cost us € 799 . Anyway, Orange and Vodafone offers the opportunity to buy the new iPad at a lower cost, but yes, hiring and retaining data speeds. As always we recommend, evaluate fine if the latter option is practical os

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