The network of artificial intelligence Google is able to create his own form of encryption

inteligencia-artificial At what speed is advancing the technology in the present day? there Are many who argue that we are stuck, that we have reached a level in which it progresses in a very slow. However, it is not so. One of the best examples is the incredible progress that is making in fields such as artificial intelligence.

What could happen when you order two intelligent systems that communicate between them in an encrypted manner and you tell a third party that try to break the encryption? Among other things, a result very surprising, in addition to an incredible experiment that is very useful. And is that, this is what has happened in the department Google Brain, where researchers have discovered that computers are better at coding than decoding.

what Is the Skynet falling?

google-brain-inteligencia-artificialThe researchers of Google Brain, have published an investigation –which can be found here— titled “Learning to protect communications with cryptography neural adverse”, in which two neural networks called Bob and Alice shared a secret key. On the other hand, a third neural network called Eve was entrusted with the mission to intercept the information transmitted between the first two and decipher it.

Alice and Bob went over the test with success, as they developed a system of encryption, incredibly advanced, up to standards-human. However, the evil drink is what led Eve, as the intelligent system was unable to break the code created by their peers. However, it’s not all bad news since Eve gave numerous indications of a great improvement in the development of the algorithm of decryption.

in spite of everything, the great surprise, gave both Bob and Alice, because as Eve was trying to break the encryption system, it was improved continuously by their creators-human. The results demonstrate that, like humans, neural networks are much better placed that deciphering secret codes, though it is something that has some sense in itself, since they have been created in our image and likeness to the brain.

are You interested in the topic of the ai?What do you think are the improvements being made continuously in this field of research?

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