The mobile of 3 euros, a big lie

movil 3 euros mentira

a month ago we all are tempted to buy a Freedom 251, because its price by a little more than 3 euros was a true last. The problem, is that the time puts the things in its site, and it seems that the mobile 3 euros, are a lie. If you are interested in the topic, don’t hesitate to continue reading because you do not have wasted this you have, and so you will find out that it has passed if you have completed the course payment.

Freedom 251 does not exist, is a lie

freedom 251 caracteristicas precioFreedom 251, or the one known as the “smartphone of 3 dollars”, was made viral because no one could believe, for much that was intended for emerging markets. And is that 3 euros can not buy even a piece of cloth, as to be able to buy a mobile phone of low-end style Moto E.

But what has happened then with this? What has because of this initiative? it Is undeniable that it was very tempting on the part of the boys Ringing Bells. But where has it gone? The latest rumors indicate that the company had launched a bid to raise funds and thus make the project a reality, type crowdfounding. A smartphone, that appear never to have existed.

What has happened with the users who participated in the project? Supposedly, they received a smartphone (there is talk of an Adcom Ikon 4s), but not at the advertised price, nor with that name, all a bit weird. There is talk that has been a fraud and that everything is a lie, and who knows, if this project ends up in the courts. Because this does not end here, but the children themselves Adcom say they have been informed of nothing. Ringing Bells, is still missing and has not said anything about it, so that we remain in suspense, believing that everything has been a fraud and a big lie.

A penalty to the users that believed in the project. How could we believe that a mobile for 3 euros could be possible? By very funded that is, there are a couple of chupa chups.

What do you think of the news?

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