The mobile is the main cause of traffic accidents throughout the world

The use of smartphones has reached levels that can be considered alarming. More and more we hear about the addiction to mobile phones or social networks. But what is worse is that excessive use of the cell phone has come to cause accidents that have cost lives. In this article we tell you more.

The mobile, the first cause of traffic accidents

During the last years the use of mobile phone has increased sharply. Technology has brought great advances to facilitate our day-to-day. However this also has brought negative consequences for the people. Addiction, health problems, isolation, are just some of these consequences. But there is something that is attracting the attention all over the world: the use of the mobile phone has become the first cause of traffic accidents.

For the World Health Organization (WHO) the use of mobile phone while driving quadrupled the traffic accidents. And is that from the first study conducted by the WHO in 2011, the statistics have been increasing. Even it is projected that by the year 2030, road traffic accidents by the use of mobile phones are the fifth leading cause of death in the world.

In fact it is estimated that a person who drives only 40 km/h could:

  • Driving more than 80 metres without looking at the road if you check a notification on your mobile.
  • to get Distracted by at least 50 meters while changing a song in your smartphone.
  • Move up to 330 meters while you are doing a selfie.
  • Handle at least 120 metres without paying attention to the road, if you reply a message.

┬┐Imagine what could happen at a higher speed? Without a doubt, it could be fatal. cell phone use dramatically affect the concentration of the driver in three different ways. Visually when driving diverts your eyes off the road to look at her mobile. Cognitive, as the driver may lose at times, the perception of what is in front of him. And lastly auditory, because the noise of the mobile phone can distract the driver.

In Spain, the mobile is also the first cause of accidents on road

Neither excessive speed nor alcohol consumption, is the use of the mobile which is causing more traffic accidents in Spain. This is according to data revealed by the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT). A report by the DGT indicates that at least 500 people lost their lives for this cause during the year 2017. And it is expected that the number will increase by the end of this 2018.

In Spain 33% of road crashes are caused by cell phone use while driving. Surpassing the 29% of the excess of speed and the 26% of the consumption of alcohol. In this situation, the DGT recalled that the law on road safety considers the use of the mobile as a serious violation. And beyond the fine for this violation can lead to, makes a call to conscience.

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