The LG V30 will be the first with OLED screen and will be released in September

LG has planned to use panels OLED in their high-end phones as soon as you can and the latest reports tell us that LG will do this year. Yes, according to The Investor, which cited anonymous sources, the upcoming high-end LG will bring this technology.

The next LG V30 is a phone that will surely use the OLED displays from LG and what is certain is that this article not only talks about the LG V30 but reveals the intentions of LG in the field of panels OLED, which Samsung known as AMOLED. Normally LG takes advantage of the series V to try new things, and LG takes a lot of time assembling LCD panels IPS but the time has come to jump to the new standard, with lower consumption and an impressive quality to today, where black people are black people of truth.


LG V30, the first with a large OLED display

in Addition to that not only speaks of the technology of the screen, but the rumors suggest that LG might equip this new terminal with a large screen diagonal. LG Display expects that their screens are used in more mobile to compete directly with Apple or Samsung. This new LG V30 could be launched to the market in September of 2017.

yes, in the rumors it seems that the mass production does not come until July 2018 where the G7 was about to premiere this new technology. We’re not going to ignore the fact that these are just rumors and you have to catch them with tweezers but it seems that LG is very far from mount panels OLED now that it has been shown that work well, are more efficient and have a high demand in the market that LG can’t let go.

panels OLED from LG will be very profitable for the company

we must Not forget that LG does not make too much money with their mobile division, and to date only Samsung mounted panels OLED of guarantees thanks to its Super AMOLED technology that has 95% of market in the mobile mount this technology.

Create a competitor firm Samsung can break the monopoly and lower the price that Samsung imposed as a manufacturer only. LG wants to reach out soon to catch a piece of the pie but you know that you will also need a time to reach the same quality panels from Samsung and you have to solve issues of patents and production lines before launching into mass market.

Source | The Investor’s

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