The LG G6 seems impossible to grate, so we tested it on video

Yes, despite the fact that it has been presented just a few days ago, the LG G6 is already in the hand of some media and of some lucky people. The specific case that we talk about in this entry is a person who has one in his power, and has taken advantage of neither more nor less than to pass a knife repeatedly through the rear.

then it is a test very innocent, but what is certain is that anyone who has an expensive mobile phone will be the nerves to drag the phone on the table, for example, that would be the most similar in everyday life to pass you a knife. In particular the rear of the LG G6 is made with glass, very similar to the Google Nexus or iPhone (when they were as well, of course). The Samsung Galaxy S7 is also as well.

The LG G6 do not grate in any way

Is the crystal that offers much resistance to scratches, but even then it may be that the hour of truth, in the compression tests, break. And is that the compression resistance (the resistance that has to fall, for example, any kind of hitting in general) is much lower in the glass.

In the video do not perform this type of testing, and honestly I left with a bad taste in the mouth. In part, because we would all know the result: the back of the LG G6, which is made of glass, it would not in a thousand pieces, but in a million.

however, I do not think that spend a lot of time until someone decides to really put to the test in this phone, but already from the first moment it looks good, although perhaps as you say you can stay in anything.

Another of the reasons why they do not shred so easily is because the glass portion is covered by the protection level Gorilla Glass 5. Yes, Gorilla Glass does not only exists on the screens, but can be applied to several surfaces. Ideal for when you carry the mobile in your pocket with more objects like keys or coins.

Via | Android Authority

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