The keypad comes with the keyboard of Samsung… with a drawback

if you don’t know already, Samsung has a whole catalog of own applications. Some of them leave a lot to be desired although there are others that do not work nothing wrong, as Samsung Smart Switch. The keyboard of this brand is not far behind and has recently implemented the keypad.

From this article you can know all the details of your operation and how to install it and use it in a simple way that yes, it has plenty of downsides.

The keypad reaches the keyboard of Samsung, and so you can install it

Has been a user of XDA in charge of giving us this information. This new tool has not arrived as such to users, but calm, to this end we are here. Below we show you the two options that you have and an alternative which may that fits you better:

  • The first and easiest is wait for it to come in a formal way the application of the Play Store. To be in beta phase before or after it is updated. That’s if, we don’t have any date so that we can be talking about a week or two months.
  • The other is that you install the latest beta of Android Walk in your Galaxy and you will be updated automatically. If you are one of cacharrear you may be worth it, if not better don’t mess if it is only for this.
  • A good alternative can be the keypad of Gboard although you may like the fact of migrating from one to the other. Yes, the faster alternative is, there is no doubt this.

if you don’t know it because the keypad does is create a keyboard-editable on the screen. you Can move it and place it in the part you want, something that seems quite useful in some applications timely. The grace of all this is that Samsung take it off of your S5 for unknown reasons and now they have been re-introduced.

┬┐have You ever used the keypad on your keyboard, or do you think that is something dispensable? don’t forget to leave us your opinion in the comments section, until the next article!

Source | Phone Arena

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