The iPhone extremadura, so it’s like ZETTA Smartphones tries to trick us all

zeta-smarphonesToday, for the first time in all my time as editor, I write with anger, frustration and disappointment. The world of smartphone is simply exciting, and we are thousands of users who enjoyed the variety of models, their characteristics, what they offer…

The brands-we like some more and other less-, make all their efforts to sell their phones. Marketing, design teams, collaborations with companies of components… Everything possible to create the best product. However, we have known the case of Steve Jobs Spanish, but in version seedy.

This “entrepreneur”, allegedly, is dedicated to buy Xiaomis and trinkets Aliexpress, put a couple of stickers and sell them as a product Spanish. Take your seat and get ready, because you’re going to tell you to fund how it works this alleged offender -as it is allegedly illegal to everything he does-, we are not the filter.

Unai el extremeño, the Steve Jobs’s in beta

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ll leave you with thirteen minutes in which we see this gentleman stutter and drop ravings several. We’re not going to force you to see the unacceptable report, so that let resumirte the main points and phrases star:

  • We are a Spanish company that is succeeding
  • The mobile phone is made here, the money stays here in Spain and we create employment
  • we Want to carry the flag of Extremadura all over the world
  • We have broken up the chain-of-stock, we have more demand than supply
  • you Must be a Zeta, competes you with an iPhone at a ridiculous price
  • we Design the mobile on paper, then we go to the computer

In this thread Forocoches thanks to which it has been uncovered the scam you’ll find all of the videos that show the creators of Zetta lying non-stop. If you have a while take a look at them.

here we are not going to promote video, video, just going to tell you the alleged scam in which they are involved, so that you know the type of product they sell. We can assure you that there is no waste.

So is the iPhone English

zeta-xiaomiIn one of his appearances on television, the creator of the company shows proud his Zetta Conqueror, which considers the iPhone English. How big is the surprise that we took the view that this device is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, to which we have set an acorn bite -it doesn’t take our comments the logo, please-.

In the first place, began to buy the basic models of DOOGEE, to change them a couple of stickers, put a ROM not a official CyanogenMod, and start selling them. It seems that they have now opted by Xiaomi, so we’ll leave you with a small gallery of images where you can see the wonders they sell.

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