The HTC One M9 + again make an appearance, this time in photos

Imagen del HTC One M9

Since a few weeks ago HTC One M9 + is giving enough to talk. The course would come to be at par (or above) the newcomer HTC One M9 device, with some features that were missed in the new flagship of the Taiwanese.

As I had advanced earlier, the terminal would grow a little bit about his brother, reaching The 5.2 inch screen. Another detail that had also talked about is the possibility that said panel has a resolution qHD one point which could create much controversy, as has already been seen that does not make a big improvement in these screen sizes.

If a few days ago Twitter userupleaks showed a video where we could guess the shapes of the new terminal HTC, now we shows what could be the images of presentation HTC One M9 +. confirmed that they are real, we would see as they are very similar to what we had seen a few days ago and that allow us to see some interesting things.

Imagen del HTC One M9

We start from the front and in particular at the bottom. As is usual in the latest generation of the One family, the BoomSound speakers have a special role, but in this case we would see as the lower would be halved, leaving enough space for post very similar to that used Samsung button at its terminals and would function fingerprint reader.

Let’s back to find a major surprise and that leaves us a bit puzzled. We will not have a single camera sensor, but two, as in the HTC One (M8). Know the reason leading to HTC to reuse this technology, since can not be said to be too helpful in the previous flagship.

And last but not least, have a date. April 8 The Taiwanese company has already announced that this day will hold a event in Beijing and HTC One M9 + has all the numbers to see the light there. Is it so eventually?

And you do you think? Head over to the HTC One M9 + again make an appearance, this time on photos to make your mark.

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