The “Hello Moto” is back to Motorola

Lenovo Moto Z

it Seems that the guys from Lenovo want to bring back the unmistakable “Hello Moto“, which sounded like when you light a mobile of Motorola. Has leaked a video in which we can see and we are going to show you next. This way, everything indicates that we will soon be able tos to have the animation of Hello Moto into your Motorola. This is what we know for sure, what we do not know is the exact time that you’ll be able to have it. First, what would the new handsets then surely we find the way to install it.

This new animation surprised by the Hello Moto and the logo “batwing”. Don’t miss the video, and take a good look at the accent, Hello Moto, because like is not the one that you remember. Lasts very little:

Have the animation of Hello Moto into your Motorola

well If you look at the previous video as you said, you will hear that the voice that is hidden behind the phrase of “Hello Moto“, seems asian. We don’t know if it would arrive with the same accent for them all. Admittedly, it doesn’t sound bad at all.

many users are wondering, is when you will have the animation of Hello Moto on their smartphones. Considering how this is going, it is possible that the new handsets from Moto have this animation start. But it is also possible that sooner or later it will filter the animation to include it in your terminal following a couple of steps (there is nothing strange, as we have seen it many other times).

come on, that although it was something of the new handsets, it’s sure that XDA manage to port it to all the models. If you have a Bike, you will get it sooner or later. This new animation boot with the Hello Moto that grew with the evolution of the mobile and that we like.

The first…the range Z?

The first surprise with the animation would be the terminals of the Range Z. We will be very outstanding to tell you how you can enjoy the Hello Moto into your Motorola. Surely, sooner or later (after being available in the new), you get to export with success for all.

do You like Hello Moto? Soon you will enjoy.

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