The headphone jack does not work: What do I do?

Imagine that you have a mobile with headphone jack (Apple believes that should not exist, but the manufacturers powerful of Android are proving that there is no reason to delete it) and that this spoils. It is something not very usual but can happen.

When the headset jack fails and doesn’t work can be due to several reasons: either it is a defect of the headphones you’re using, where change is a quick fix or that the decision is giving you trouble. In this case always you can fix it but if you don’t use too much the arrangement can be more expensive than you think (depending on smartphone).


What can I do without the headphone jack?

In the best of cases, if this has not been as if you have a few headphones within you can start thinking about not changing it. Change it is very complicated (because it is usually soldered on the board of the mobile) and in the event that the arrangement goes well can be quite costly. There are several solutions that may work well.

  • to Use the bluetooth – despite the fact that the mobile has a headphone jack if this is broken it doesn’t serve us. The bluetooth headphones are our first solution. Here we have a list with the best alternatives to the AirPods Apple and some will leave you impressed. If you have a few helmets of high quality you should know that there are bluetooth adapters that you could connect the cable but, of course, is an added that you for little money and they are not going to have the same quality that attached to the phone.
  • USB Type-C – If your mobile is of the latest generation is also likely that you have a USB Type-C in addition to the headphone jack. There are adapters to connect the headset to the USB Type-C and there are also headphones that can be used directly connected to this jack. If the phone you have is compatible is a great solution.

If you’re looking for headphones bluetooth very cheap the Syllable D900 Mini that we’ve analyzed a few days ago that they are a very good option, very economic and with a performance very decent.

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