The Google Pixel are already on sale, but when it will come to Spain and Latin america?

Novedades de los Google PixelAll of you who are reading these lines you’ve heard a lot lately of the Google Pixel. Those who have already been baptized as the “iPhone Google” have already passed through several hands and although there has been some scandal with them, what is certain is that do not let be two phones worthy of admiration. Today the waiting has come to an end, and the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL have already been put up for sale.

while it is true that the stock has received a great blow due to the reservations that were made two weeks ago, a Google store account with several models of Pixel available. These would be the Google Pixel, 128 GB black and silver and black color 32 GB. Although do not think that you will buy it and have it in your home tomorrow, because I’ll have to wait a little.

According to a report in Android Central, the Google store trademark the shipment will be made in 3 or 4 weeks after purchase, to which you should add another week to the dealer to call at your door. If you are in the united States, Canada, United Kingdom or India and you don’t want to wait,** in the stores of Verizon have in stock**, so you can buy it physically. The Google Pixel XL does not have stock at the moment, but on Verizon you have the blue of 128 GB that would be sent on the 18th of November.

how And why we speak of these countries and not in Spain or Latin america? Because we don’t yet know the date in which Google will sell there. If we read from any of the countries in which it begins the deployment of the Pixel are out of luck, but if we read it from Spain or Mexico, Argentina, Colombia… **you have to wait a little bit, but we’ll keep you informed so that you can buy on the go. Meanwhile, to open the appetite, you can see our first impressions above.

What do you think about the Google Pixel? Are you going to buy one?

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