The Galaxy S7 is left to see in India, what we say filtered versions?

Galaxy S7 Foto real filtrada

The mystery around the new Samsung Galaxy S7, the future flagship of Samsung, which is continuous and what is true is that they come out rumors minute to minute. Features, specifications and price of future Galaxy S7 continue to be a mystery even though we know that Samsung has claimed that the new samsung Galaxy S7 will look like quite the actual Galaxy S6.

we don’t really know how many versions there will be of the Galaxy S7, which chips will be mounted or what variations of screen there will be but do not stop to appear rumors. In the latest leaks two new models of the Galaxy S7 have been allowed to see for India.

galaxy s7 curva de arriba a abajo

Samsung Galaxy S7: Two versions of this device can be seen in India

speech, although this is questionable, of 4 models and 3 sizes of different screen. The base version of the Galaxy S7 (surely, one is to buy the vast majority of users) would not bring a curved Edge and mounts a screen of 5.1 inches.

The second version, a Galaxy S7 Edge, would bring a 5.5-inch display and we could not have a S7 plane in that size. In terms of the Galaxy S7 Plus is expected to a 6-inch screen but in two versions, the flat version (possibly the replacement of the Note that no longer makes sense to if any Samsung you can use an S-Pen) and the version Edge. The latest leaks from AnTuTu opt for a 12mp camera for the Samsung device.

In terms of the inner power speaks of two chipsets, both manufactured by Samsung, the future Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and the already known Exynos 8890 that has yet to be mounted on any mobile end. These new certified devices are two models, the SM-G930FD and the SM-G935FD. In the first place we could be talking about the same device in the two versions, more than anything is the type of naming Samsung. The family G930 refers to the Galaxy S7.

In terms of the following numbering 930 and 935 may refer to the screen curved and flat-screen tv. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. And, if we then we go to the letter F could indicate the use of the chipset Exynos unlike the series that often used the Snapdragon chipset 820, possibly exclusive of some countries. In regards to the letter D could be a variant of Dual-SIM intended for some particular countries such as Pakistan or the Philippines.

SM-G930FD, the naming of Samsung gives us a lot of data

  • SM – Samsung
  • G9 – Galaxy S7
  • 30 – Version plant of Galaxy S7
  • F – Version with the chipset Exynos
  • D – Version with Dual-SIM

In terms of the rest of specifications is expected to display Quad-HD, 2K resolution on an AMOLED panel, 4 GB of RAM, and the new sensor Samsung Britecell of 12 MP. You talk about some rumors as a better battery, microSD, and the ability to immerse the terminal but all will be revealed on the 21st of February. We also hope to have the new USB Type-C and ClearForce, more like the 3DTouch Apple.

Via | GSMArena

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