The Galaxy Note 8 receives the AR Emojis and the camera is super slow

Samsung has launched two new devices this year, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9. However, in terms of camera issues the changes have been rather small. Two of the most anticipated advancements are the AR Emojis and the camera is super slow but this has not come to the previous generation, until now.

The update of September of the Galaxy Note 8 comes with surprise, as he adds the AR Emojis and the camera is super slow to the Galaxy Note 8.

¿How is the slow motion of the Galaxy Note 8?

The camera super slow added to the Galaxy S9 with the ability to record during 0.2 seconds at 960 fps @ 720p or 0.4 seconds to 480 fps in 720p using the manual mode. In the case of the Galaxy Note 9, we have the possibility of recording during 0.4 seconds to 960fps at 720p but we don’t know exactly what possibilities we will have in the Galaxy Note 8.

Some of the users to ensure that the camera super slow is the same as that of the Galaxy S9, allowing you to record 0.2, or 0.4 seconds depending on the resolution used. However, to expect to give it a try, we cannot confirm that this is so.

With AR Emojis, an additive that is used little

in Addition to that, the Galaxy Note 8 is now enjoying the AR Emojis, a copy of the animojis of the iPhone (for denying it). This last feature is not too useful in the day-to-day, it is more of a added to make the grace at the right time.

Besides that it also has installed the security patch September and the classic bug fixes that come with every new firmware. These two would be the only features “extra” that would come with the new software.

When will I be able to install the new firmware?

In case you want to install the new firmware on your Galaxy Note 8 you should know that this will arrive via OTA (unless you want to flash the handset with ODIN). All indicators point to that are already being deployed in France and will soon be extended to other regions, including Spain. do you Already have arrived to you also?

the firmware is The N950FXXU5CRHA / N950FOXM5CRHA and occupies about 711,91 MB (almost as much as an update PUBG). That will come soon, don’t be nervous.

Source | XDA

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