The Galaxy Note 6 could be a phablet hybrid

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 futuro

The future of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 does not seem to be exempt from surprises, there are many rumors that the Note 6 could be a hybrid device between a phablet and a desktop device. In this case the phone would be introduced on a dock especially made by Samsung to make possible the two services, although, obviously, this would have a small added cost.

then we’ll talk about the date of launch, price, specifications and rumors of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 therefore, you should stay to see what’s cooking in the back room of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6: A phablet hybrid?

The first rumors speak of a very interesting patent, a patent in which the cell is inserted into a dock different, not a dock external, as we see in the concept of Microsoft Universal Apps and the concept of the Ubuntu Phone, but rather a device designed to insert the Note 6 in he fully coupled that will surely make functions of a trackpad with the mobile but at the same time that is the memory and the processor of the device.

In the patent it seems that the Windows software could be made, integrating Android and Windows in the same terminal (that is something that you are doing the chinese a long time ago) and used Android when the phablet is out, and Windows whenever you insert it in the dock, coupling both systems of some form in which to share files through one or more shared folders.

A Samsung Galaxy Note 6 with Windows and Android very special

To handle this change the Note 6 would have to be a machine very powerful as the series Note has always been focused on the multi-tasking and productivity but taking this step would be to take it to another level of power above all of your competitors, what will be the new Exynos 8890 able to move Windows without problems? Is talking this time of a processor 16 cores and 8 GB of RAM, a madness.

Galaxy Note 6 híbrido

Launch of the Galaxy Note 6

it Is expected that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 comes on the market next year. Taking into account that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note 5 have come out in October of 2014 and August of 2015 it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to exit the second half of 2016 to the market.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will cost around 850 euros

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 6

we do Not expect low prices for the series Note, it would be madness. The sale price of the Note 6 would be around $ 850, about 850 euros at the exchange surely with an extra cost of at least € 250 for the dock especially in the part of the terminal or more, knowing Samsung as we do not expect another very different thing.

Since then we do not believe that it is a bad idea, for nothing, a Note 6 with productivity features much more advanced is the idea to follow already of little use to have a Note 5 as of this year, very little superior in productivity in comparison to the S6 Edge Plus.

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