The first renders of the HTC 11 come to light: curved screen, water resistance and more

htc-11-render-no-oficial-destacadahave Only been 6 months since we got to know the HTC 10 in all its splendor. Since then, and although the device star taiwanese has passed without penalty or glory by the market, there is no doubt that it has been one of the best top of range of this year 2016.

Even so, HTC is already thinking of their new bets for the high-end Android devices for the coming year. We could already see a while ago a prototype called HTC Ocean: a family of devices futuristic that used the edges of your screen to allow the user to interact with the interface of the system, and today, for the first time, we have seen a few renders not official that we can indicate how could be the design of the future HTC 11.

what Could be the next HTC 11?

htc-11-render-no-oficialit Is necessary to emphasize, that yes, we are talking about a concept not official, as it has been created by the people of Tech Configurations based on the design lines of HTC and following the —few— rumors and well-known data until the day of today.

If you look at the video, we’re going to be able to see how the device would be a curved screen at both ends, similar to what Samsung implemented in their top of range, although in this case we would find a real use thanks to the system without button that we saw in the video of the HTC Ocean, and that would allow us to interact with the system directly from the edges of the screen.

in Addition, we found no trace of the fingerprint reader, neither in the front nor in the back where we can observe a double chamber, therefore, it is likely that you can use a fingerprint reader ultrasonic technology to Sense ID for Qualcomm implement the sensor under the screen.

on the other hand, according to this prototype, the body of the HTC 11 would be resistant to water and dust and would be a USB port type C for charging and data transfer, in addition to being compatible with fast-charging wirelessly.

For now, as we say, this concept is based on hearsay and on information that, to date, has not been confirmed. Therefore, and although we do not rule out that the HTC 11 could be similar in some respects to that of the images, we must remain attentive to the possible news before you commit to any type of information.

do You like the new HTC 11 out-like this video?

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