The fingerprint readers tiny are on their way


Today, the fingerprint sensors come discreetly implemented in a growing number of terminals, from the mid-range to the high range, but despite this it seems that the technology that allows you to read our fingerprints is to point to belittle something more.

Thanks to our colleagues of Android Authority, we have been able to know that the company Crucialtec has just announced new recognition algorithms, developed by themselves, which will allow modules of a smaller size. All this without losing the high-speed unlock and precision by which they are characterized.

Crucialtec has developed a recognition algorithm fingerprint micro-surface called “Muon”, and will begin to distribute it for global use within a very little. The algorithm can identify successfully traces with a ratio of false-positive of less than 1 in 50,000, with a minimum area of recognition of 8 mm square.

Huawei Ascend Mate 7 detalle huella camara

Normally require larger detection areas to provide sufficient information as a recognition algorithm to detect the sufficient characteristics of a particular mark to distinguish it from another. So we have been able to learn, this new algorithm needs a set of data, much less to identify fingerprints in a successful way.

In place of large panels in the rear or front of the phone, this type of technology allows you to fit detectors of traces in places more discrete, as the volume buttons or power on/off, or even in a frame of the screen. The new algorithm from Crucialtec may to detect a fingerprint by using a module of the tiny size of 18 mm square, while the host terminals as the Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X reach 64 mm square.

in Addition to improving and take advantage of the space that it occupies, Crucialtec is researching to increase the speed of the process of recognition of fingerprints. The company claims to have achieved the three goals are most significant, image processing, extraction of features specific to the footprint and encoding/decoding in only 0.3 seconds.


taking Advantage of the newly implemented support fingerprint Android 6.0 Marshmallow as a standard, we can see the increase of interest that could lead to improvements as described in this article, in future devices with detectors of traces. The algorithm from Crucialtec could give way to devices that are thin and refined, with a more rapid reading of the tracks.

What do you think of this exciting news? Do you think that will take a lot to integrate this new technology in smartphones?

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