The emoji of whisky will come to WhatsApp in the coming months

Emoji de whisky

¿don’t you know that a Emoji whiskey is about to come to WhatsApp? Well, actually there are still a few months ahead. You already know that first it is news and then, with time, ends up coming. The same thing happens with this new emoticon, emoji that whiskey is liking it a lot on Twitter.

As we read on twitter under the hashtag #whiskyemoji, many users are really thrilled with this addition that has no waste whatsoever. For fans of the whiskey is a good news since then. And don’t stop posting comments about it on the social networks. What is certain is that this emoji is quite original. what convinces You the design? Not have described anything wrong.

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Emoji whiskey

it Is undeniable that every time you put more emojis than words. Today I bring you this glass of whiskey, which is a new emoji that will WhatsApp in the coming months. The boys of Unicode have been added “whiskey on the rocks”. A glass with lots of ice and this drink, which you’ll be able to enjoy soon.

Is one of the new guys Unicode have been added to the collection and that we will see in a few months, along with other emojis more but that, in principle, are not having the popularity of this drink.

Even Ballantine’s has asked users who posted their favorite combination under the hashtag #Whiskyemoji. Schweppes Spain also has celebrated it as is due. We, that is the beginning of something as well as the paella of WhatsApp, which also won many fans in the social networks.

In the next few months

we do Not know the exact arrival, we only know that in the next few months we will have a new emoji, and coupled to this, many other. We will keep you informed, as always, all the news about the emojis we love.

If you like you already know what to touch, to take to Twitter and share something great under this hashtag #whiskyemoji.

do You want to enjoy the Emoji whiskey? Do you like the emoji of the glass with ice and whiskey?

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