The eggs in Pokémon GO does not work if you drive by car or bus

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If you’re playing Pokémon and GO sure you’ve seen the eggs that is on the side of the Pokémon. Of these eggs will come out Pokémon, for this, you need setters. The grace is in walk kilometers for the egg to grow and eventually open up when we have reached the goal. But no, the eggs are not going to open faster because you go in a car…

As we have been 10 days with the APK of Pokémon, the users have done all sorts of tests to try to be smarter than the own developer, looking for ways to climb faster level either way and get more things.

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Egg in Pokémon GO does not work in car or bus

If you click on the Pokéball > Pokémon, to the right you’ll see eggs. You’ll be able to use incubators for hatching eggs, by simply clicking on “begin incubation” and selecting one if you have… in the beginning, you’re going to have because some you’ll be playing.

you will See that some eggs, place 5 miles… 10 other… other 2 miles. There are several to choose from and you’ll only need the incubator in addition to walking quite a distance. If you’re in a bus or car, it doesn’t work.

How do you detect that we go on public transport? If we more than 40 km/hour. Many times the bus is half-stopped, or the bus, because at that time if you would be running a light… because it is always too little time. Realize that you are going by measuring the distance travelled, it is not so easy to deceive them.

that is why it is also designed to that let’s play bike.

did you Think that it would be easy to cheat to Pokémon?

These days I got to open a couple of eggs… and although the greater part of the time was in the car, I was also pretty, but would not have been open. Go by bus or car helps a little, but no, they are not going to open because you walk the 5 km from the egg in the car. The game doesn’t pamper you.

So if you do not work the egg is why. See walk, you’ll see as you record the steps (checked before that all will work normally).

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