The decks of Clash Royale of the best players in the world

Clash Royale is almost certainly the most popular game of the moment. To win the battles, one of the tips most important is to have a good deck. Then we tell you the best decks of the moment.

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Clash Royale


Letters: Crossbow, Mage electric, Torre infernal, Trunk, Gang of goblins, a Ball of fire, Spirit of Ice and Skeletons.

One of the best decks of the Clash Royale, although it is not too easy to get because there are two legendary cards: Mage Electric, and Trunk. If you have both units, I strongly recommend this deck. The trick to win battles is attack throwing the Crossbow along with the Spirit of Ice; it is better to do it when you have elixir to spare to be able to use the rest of cards in the form of support and protection.

This deck only costs 3.3 elixir, so this thinking to be able to launch units continuously to the sand to form a team that the opponent not be able to cope.

Witches Night

Letters: Witch of the Night, Hound of Lava, Striker, Ball of fire, Horde of Minions, Tombstone, Megaesbirro and Download.

like the above, it is not too easy to get because there are two legendary: Witch at Night and Hound Lava. But if you have the good fortune of being able to build this deck, it is a pump on the field of play.

Is a deck 100% offensive thought to go for your opponent’s butt. You can use the Hound, the Hammer and the Witch at Night to attack. For the defense, the Horde of Minions and the Megaesbirro. The Download os can serve both to attack and to defend.

Triple Mosquetera

Letters: Triple Mosquerera, Miner, Knight, Spirit, Ice, Shock, Skeletons, a Horde of Minions and Collector of Elixir.

The strategy is not too complicated, although it is a little bit of practice in the Clash Royale to be able to combine these cards. The main one is the Triple Mosquetera, so that they have to go and combining it with the rest both to attack and to defend.

it is best to place the Collector Elixir as soon as you have enough elixir, more or less in the middle of battle, and attack with the Triple Mosquetera, the Knight and the Miner. The small units are used as a support.