The creators of Pokémon GO prepare interactive games to promote tourism

Niantic, creators of Pokémon GO, have much work to do in the next few months. In addition to preparing updates to the famous game of augmented reality based on the popular Nintendo franchise, as the arrival of Cresselia, the legendary Pokemon of the Moon, to the raids; the company is developing a game of the same on the universe of Harry Potter.

Even recently announced the return to the mobile phones of Ingress Prime, the legendary game of augmented reality. But they are not the only projects in which they work, because Niantic has partnered with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to develop interactive games to promote tourism, as reported from Engadget.

As part of the program Travel.Enjoy.Respect of the UNWTO, the creators of Pokémon GO create new experiences that will encourage players to explore and uncover the stories hidden in their own neighborhoods and in other places. The goal of this partnership is to carry out a project for promote a responsible tourism.

Niantic will create new games to promote a responsible tourism

Ion Vilcu, the Director of the department of affiliate members of the UNWTO, has said that his agency has a “continuing commitment to promoting a sustainable and responsible tourism”, so that the partnership with Niantic is “a natural combination”. The member of the UNWTO believes that the creators of Pokémon GO are the most obvious choice for “create mobile gaming experience of augmented reality that not only encourage their players to discover new places, but also to appreciate the culture and beauty of the world around us”.

at the moment, this project is in a very early stage, so it is unknown how will be these games, when it will be released and the mechanisms that Niantic will implement to promote tourism through this alliance. Although some suggest that it will be possible to complete events, which reward players for visiting monuments and other tourist places.

If the UNWTO wants the people to take to the streets to explore, there is no better alliance than that achieved with the creators of Pokémon GO, one of the games for most popular mobile and that pulls out to the street to millions of players every day. Tap to be on the lookout for to know new information about this project in which embark Niantic and wait to discover if he will be as successful as the title based on the Nintendo franchise or if you’ll have with the excitement that generates the new game inspired by the saga of Harry Potter.

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