The creators of Fortnite advertise your own shop games for Android

The first step was to let go of Google and their app store official, launching Fortnite for Android through your own web page. Now, Epic Games, developer of the Battle Royale most famous of the moment, has announced the creation of its own games store, which will be operational during the next year and will come to both Windows and Mac, as to Android.

So says the own company through an entry in his official blog, where it makes official the arrival of the Epic Games Store. This games store alternative to Google Play will focus its efforts on two basic pillars: improve the direct relationship with the players, and to offer to the creators and developers all the facilities possible.

Epic Games Store, the Steam from the creators of Fortnite

Epic Games has a vast experience in the universe of video games. Not only is the creator of Fortnite, but that is also behind the famous graphic engine, Unreal Engine, which serves as a platform for hundreds of games of all kinds. Now, the company wants to go even further with their own store of applications in the style of Steam.

With the objective of attracting the greatest number of computer game developers as possible, the company has insured that profits are distributed in a division 88/12, where the larger part will go to the creators. in Addition, in the event the video game in question use the graphic engine, Unreal Engine, a 5% of the royalties paid by the own Epic Games.

developers also have the ability to maintain a close relationship with his players, with the objective to obtain feedback. They will also have access to content creators such as YouTubers, streamers of Twitch or independent press, and the total control of the page of each game you will be in the hand of the developer himself.

Of time has not been finalized a date for the launch of the store, although Epic Games ensures that it does not take long in reaching the. In the beginning, will be available on desktop platforms of the mainstream –Windows and Mac– with a selection of games chosen by hand. Android will be the next stop in the path of this ambitious project, at some point in the next year to 2019.

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