The creator of Android to make mobile

Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin, creator and co-founder of Android, has mentioned that he would like to to create a company to manufacture Android phones. Yes, despite the fact that Andy Rubin wants a company to manufacture smartphones it is not clear whether what is intended is to create your own, or manage one of these companies that have already made Android mobile.

Andy Rubin, Nick Sears, and Chris White created Android 12 years ago, in October of 2003 and in 2005 sold the project to Google while Rubin continued to lead the company from within the company. Then, in 2014, Andy Rubin left the company to found Playground Global, a business incubator hardware.

Andy Rubin to make Android mobile

Since the creation of Playground Global Andy Rubin has managed to collect around $ 300 million and now these funds will be used to give life to his new idea, the idea of creating a company to manufacture Android phones. how Will this have something to do with the idea that Google should produce its own Nexus? What will be Andy Rubin in charge of making the Android own Android and does not depend on any external company? What is certain is that if you think about good for nothing is a crazy idea.

The father of Android is the key to make Android mobile

That the components of smartphones have become so generic has made it easy for any company in the market of smartphones, the problem is that for a price competition huge some companies end up disappearing shortly be founded.

it Seems that Andy Rubin knows what he’s doing, after two years away from Android and managing a business of hardware a little differently to what is already used to make sure that you have seen something in the industry that is not doing well and has lots of ideas to launch a brand of Android phones very successful, those that would sell alone although you will have to use a aggressive marketing if you want to reach out to people.

To me is still the question of whether Andy will have spoken with the top managers of Google to embark on a major project and try to compete against the brands that dominate the market, but with its own hardware and releasing designs with reasonable prices, who knows, we will continue to track the father of Android.

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