The content in 4K will come to the Google Play Movies soon

If you like the films and the quality content insurance that you would like to see 4K Movies on Google Play Movies. It is clear that each time we have better technologies and televisions best, but to enjoy good content on the TV, you first have to have.. but tell that to Google, because we will soon have 4K Movies on Google Play Movies.

do you Want to enjoy the best content on your TV? If you have a TV good quality and 4K resolution, you’ll be able to enjoy quality movies of truth because they come in content to 4K. If you’re a fan of movies, series and quality content, you can’t miss it.

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4K Movies on Google Play Movies

Each time we have smartphones best TV and best. One of the advances without a doubt is that many of the tvs are 4K, ideal for squeezing out the content in 4K to the fullest. For this reason, a good news, is that movies in 4K coming to Google Play.

Google is moving forward with this, because it will allow you to enjoy the best content, both films as a series… so very soon you’ll be able to download them from the Google Play Movies.

Content perfect for the Chromecast Ultra

If you’ve bought the new Chromecast Ultra, you will have to extract all the juice and all the potential now with these series and movies in the maximum quality, in 4K. There are many devices that allow you to enjoy content in 4K to the maximum of the resolutions.

Remember that, for now, is not available

The option to download movies in 4K at the moment is not possible. If you look, probably find rentals cheaper since 0,99 or 1,99 euros. In good quality is usually 2,99 euros, so that the same passed to 3,99 or 4,99 rents in quality 4K. If you want to save, you have the lowest quality or Full HD quality. Soon 4K.

When available you will find that option in Google Play Movies.

will keep You up to both.

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