The chinese mobile that more are sold in Spain

Usually, when we think of smartphone brands to look for in Google, large companies such as Samsung or Apple are the first that come to head. Others, such as Huawei have been growing and gaining ground and are slowly gaining popularity. The chinese brands are booming. do you Know what are the chinese mobile most wanted?

If we attend to the data published by the agency, SEMrush, the brand mobile phones with most sought after in Spain for 2016 was Samsung. In the second place, striking distance is Apple. To a great distance in the search list are located other brands such as Sony.

If we stick only to these data, we would think that Samsung would be the best selling of all the brands tested followed by Apple. The reality tells us a different story. While the Korean giant remained the number one market, is not other than Huawei which takes the second position in the list.

This is not the only surprise in the list. Another company, china is becoming the revelation in the Spanish market. In 2016, the mobile phone more sought after in Google was the Mi5 Xiaomi.

The most interesting thing about this list is the fact that Xiaomi is not available officially outside of China. This demonstrates the huge interest aroused by the brand in the Spanish market. This is without a doubt as a great opportunity to be able to launch soon. People are certainly interested and looking to continuously chinese mobile.

Although the most sought after is the Xiaomi mi5, the top selling smartphone, based on the data of SEMrush, in Spain in 2016 was another model of a chinese brand. The Huawei P8 Lite stands as the clear winner and became the top selling smartphone of the year.

This list makes it clear to us that the chinese smartphones are in fashion in Spain and that have come to stay and conquer the market with their wide variety of models. Also, at the same time seek to give a face to brands more established as Samsung. The doubt is to see if Huawei and Xiaomi will achieve to stay in 2017. There is a growing selection of chinese mobile quality.

did you Expect that whatever they chinese mobile most wanted? What you seem to these results? Do you have any a smartphone Xiaomi or Huawei?

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