The cat, a new ransomware that capture your Android

El Gato ransomware

This week we’re served with the security issues in Android. Earlier in the week we knew about a vulnerability called Quadrooter affecting phones with processor Qualcomm and it now appears a new ransomware called The Cat.

from what we can see in the malware research team at McAfee Labs, this new ransomware called “The Cat” should worry us quite a bit. The virus in question has been called so since it has found a picture of a cat in the source code.


why should we have fear of “The Cat”?

This type of malware, ransomware, renders the device completely secuestrándolo until they pay a ransom, like the famous police virus. The problem is that this malware is quite complex and is able to encrypt all kinds of files (from a simple image to a message).

worst of all is that everything is done remotely, through a server overseas. This ransonware attacks the victim through a state of hibernation by monitoring the Internet connection until I receive instructions to do the magic.

once you get the instructions the terminal is running and can do any thing, to close apps, lock screen, or delete files in the terminal. Worst of all is that the virus is able to encrypt the internal memory of the terminal being required a special key that is achieved by paying a ransom.

Of time there has been no attack of “The Cat”

The good thing is that, so far, has not received or registered any attacks with this malware. The traffic of the malware is not encrypted and it seems that in case of being affected still could take measures.

Android is not, from any point of view, the system for mobile devices more secure even though it is not so normal to see an Android infected with a virus, with a little bit of common sense is difficult for any type of virus attack you. What we do know is that when you install apps from stores are not certified by Google or from sources that are not secure, anything can happen.

Source | McAfee Blog

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