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At this time, WhatsApp Web has some other deficiency. As you know, calls in WhatsApp Web are not available for now, but today we have known that it will be very soon. We know that both the calls on WhatsApp Web as the delivery of audio files is on the way. Two features that already carry time in the version of WhatsApp for mobile.

If you normally use WhatsApp Web, you will get a surprise with the addition of these new features to the web service of WhatsApp. This is what we have known by means of a few strings of strings, but they could still take some time.

Espiar WhatsApp con WhatsApp Web

Calls and send audio in WhatsApp Web

The translation of texts of WhatsApp has been the one who has revealed to us all this information. Is not implemented for now, but we know that will come soon.

“The calls and messages to this chat are protected with encryption end-to-end”.

The above quote reveals, in fact, that we will have the calls WhatsApp with encryption end-to-end to protect the user. This means, that sooner or later the calls will come to WhatsApp Web. We don’t know the exact time, but we are confident that the next few months.

The sending of audio is another of the new features of WhatsApp Web. You’ll be able to send audio notes from WhatsApp Web, it says the following string in strings:

“The audio that you tried to add exceeded the maximum size limit. Try adding a different one”.

Will soon be available

Now we’re also going to be able to send audio from the web version of WhatsApp. We will be able to save them on the computer comfortably. Although everything indicates that , you can’t exceed a certain size so that we will have to andarnos with care, but it sure is not a problem. It is normal. The only thing that has to be done for this to work, is to enable the microphone.

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