The BlackBerry Priv reappears in new photos showing its slim profile

blackberry venice teclado deslizante

BlackBerry BlackBerry has shown with Priv not lose hope . They still think their customers want a physical keyboard for easy typing, and are also committed to the security-not totally forget that they have enough experience in the field -.

In the past proved with terminals had a good build quality and unusual ways that met their requirements, but because they used their own platform app store did not offer much content as the other mobile systems. So the agreement with Amazon under which they could install Android applications on BlackBerry 10 came into play, and the next natural step was develop their own Android terminal .

first filtered renders and a hypothetical device name -BlackBerry Venice-, and later we saw the first details of this device. Later as we saw the first real images, and finally learned that the terminal was finally called BlackBerry Priv. This name change was due to canaiense firm commitment to privacy and security , although there were those who disagreed with it.

Now there further details on their appearance , since a Reddit user has shared real images of the new device is ensuring that terminal really fine , perhaps finer than Samsung Galay Note 5. This, if we consider that the BlackBerry Priv has a physical keyboard, it is quite surprising. These images are what can see below


The user mentioned in post to on software works very smoothly and that access to Google Play is total. As regards the rear camera sensor with optical image stabilization, this user warns that camera and auto focus does not work as well as they should with this function, but says it could be due to condicones lighting. He also says that the construction quality is very good, and that the sliding keyboard extracted with lots softness device and it works quite well.

Failing to do field tests of the device, it is clear that BlackBerry Priv potential within the high range is quite high . Let’s wait to talk terminal behavior under actual use but, once again, things are looking very good for the BlackBerry Priv.

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