The best videos for WhatsApp December

Los mejores vídeos para WhatsApp de diciembre

WhatsApp is the messaging service is a favorite of many, and it is ideal to send us videos with our friends and laugh. If you want to laugh and fun with these videos is the time, because we have been researching on YouTube and we have compiled two videos of December (with a bunch of videos on its interior) with the youll pump. Discover the best videos for WhatsApp of December and start having fun already before the end of 2015:

Top videos WhatsApp December

do you Want to know what are the best videos for WhatsApp December? This is what we found on YouTube, they have a great reputation so it is clear that like among the users (us also):

In this first video we see a lot of events funny. more than 10,000 reproductions, so now you can imagine the scope that has had this collection of videos to WhatsApp of December.

The truth is that it happens all over, from a man who tries to get on a horse and falls to the other that it seems that is doing a super car and it is toy, without counting those who fall off the chair… they are all very fun, so that no waste and I want you to see them.

More than 350,000 reproductions

If the foregoing has seemed to fun, this you will love it, because it has more than 350,000 reproductions. Here we are already with videos of better quality:

We have many funny moments as the girl who falls off the belt, or the other two that are splashed by the yacht… there is certainly scenes super fun that you should not miss under any circumstances if you want to enjoy the best of WhatsApp in video. And don’t be fooled by the preview videos, because within we find all kinds of.

What do you have like these videos? What’s your favourite of the best videos for WhatsApp December? Take advantage of the comments to him.

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