The best tricks of Netflix for Android

Netflix has become the preferred platform for the users all over the world to view their series and movies. Offer a catalog of the most spacious, with genres to suit all tastes. Although in recent times Android users are having problems with the app. For a while Netflix does not work with root user, although you can install it as os we have here. Although they are not the only ones with problems, also users of some brands such as Xiaomi have problems. Also, for these users, we have a way to install the application.

But if we can enjoy Netflix, is without a doubt an application that provides us with hours of entertainment. The best part is that are available tricks that help us enjoy an even better experience with the application. do you Want to know about these tricks?

Save data with Netflix

As many of you know, if you use Netflix data, the consumption skyrockets in an extreme form. This is why it is best to use the app with WiFi, to save on the consumption. Although, the application itself also helps to be able to save data.

Just go to settings Netflix. There, look for an option called use of mobile data. Once you go, you can disable the option of automatic that is on by default. In such a way that you’re not going to be able to use the app with mobile data. A useful way to save on your consumption!

Receive notification of your series preferred

we All have some series that we love and we are hooked. We look forward to the new season or any novelty on the same. Netflix allows you to receive notification so that you know when the new season is available. So, you don’t have to check it every day.

There is that go to settings. There, look for application settings. A tab called notifications. The active, and you will receive notifications about the content you like the most.

Set downloads

Netflix gives you the option to configure the download to suit your taste. Go back to the settings of the application. In this occasion you go to the download section. One of the options is only download chapters over WiFi. In this way you will be able to download the best content without having to resort to the data. You’ll be able to save a very simple way.

What do you think about these cheats? Do you know already? Are you going to use them?

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